An indigenous Brazilian term, referring to a flock of butterflies that migrates in particular seasons, forming beautiful clouds when they do so.

This is the name that we have chosen for our first building, inspired by the many butterflies that can be seen at Quest. Our desire is that Panapan√° can be a meeting place where everyone can prepare to take flight and conquer new horizons. We are currently working to raise the funds needed for this project. The support from everyone has been tremendous! Join us in the metamorphosis of Panapan√°!

Phase 1

R$157.500,00 / R$157.500,00

Phase 2

R$0,00 / R$120.000,00

Phase 3

R$0,00 / R$230.500,00

Target amounts subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rate and material cost.


"For me, Quest is a place where Christ is visible in the excitement, in the joy, in the activities, in the way the team speaks, and in the love that is given. Quest is where the story of God can be shared through the lives of others."
Arthur Vinicius Gottlieb Lupion

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